For the new permanent exhibition “Lebensfluten – Tatensturm” (“Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds”) in the Goethe National Museum in Weimar, Germany, MESO developed a media installation and a media guide.

The Faust-Galerie is the link between the two floors of the exhibition “Lebensfluten – Tatensturm” (“Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds”). The projection allows the visitor to select one of 3556 nouns from the famous drama and see the corresponding sentence.

The MESO Team:
Sebastian Oschatz (Interaction Design), Valérie-Françoise Vogt (Graphic and Animation Design, Software Development), Friedrich Söllner (Hardware Design), Johannes Helberger (Sound Design)

Michel Müller (MINC), Markus Weisbeck (Surface) & Sebastian Oschatz (MESO Digital Interiors)

(c) 2012 by MESO Digital Interiors GmbH

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