Yang's Martial Arts

I came their early just so I can record the Zumba event but I found out that it was going to be someplace else so instead of walking for a few to several minutes looking for it I figured that recording Martial Arts demonstrations should be better.

A while after I started recording I noticed that it started to rain a little and I decided that I wasn’t going to allow it to destroy my camera and started putting it inside the bag. It pissed me off that it looked like I wasn’t going to get anymore shots so I begged some of the people involved with the Martial Arts demonstrations to allow me to come inside, and thankfully, I was allowed in. It eventually stopped raining a few minutes afterwards but I figured now that I’m inside I might as well get the rest of the shots inside.

Like all of the footage that I uploaded today, it was shot in 720 60p and got converted to 720 30p at around 5MBPS.

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