This animation was created at Kakuma Refugee Camp in September 2012, as part of a combined art project between MyStart and Filmaid. The students, a group of young refugees from Somalia, Congo, South Sudan and Uganda developed all parts of the film, including the script, drawings, animation and filming.

Watch the animation and split into pairs.
Discuss the questions below between each other.
Before writing down your final questions watch the animation 2 or 3 times and discuss throughly.
PLENARY: Finally feedback to your teacher and classmates in a group discussion.

1. Do all refugees at Kakuma come from the same countries and same background?
Give evidence from the animation to back up your answer.
2. Why might someone like John Thomas (opening quote) find somewhere like Kakuma so strange?
3. What do you think the poem at the beginning of the animation refers to?
4. Have you ever experienced life taking an unexpected course before?
5. is there a difference between the refugees and the local Turkana people?
6. What accommodation can you see at the camp? Does it vary and how so?
7. Why does the brother find the man's attraction to his sister strange?
8. What is the difference between the man's opinion and the brother's? Why could they be different?
9. Why do you think young girls are denied education in some parts of Africa?
10. What is your view?
11. Finally.... what do you think the title refers to?

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