For a theater production of BLACULA: Young Black and Undead, set to air Halloween 2012, I worked with a small team producing promotional marketing material for web, print and some YouTube spots. This entire campaign worked to seamlessly personify the promotional experience, thus better engaging an audiences who rarely went to theaters.

the end result was a success, theaters were packed, and I finally got some sleep.

Let me ask you something... when was the last time you stepped foot in a theatre?

Not the kind that squeezes cheese over a bucket of popcorn and calls it a combo.

I mean the kind that comes with a 2nd act and live action, like on an actual stage.

Therein lies the challenge. How does a penniless theatre production tap into an audience who hasn't seen a play since needing a permission slip?

With no money and a performance set to debut in not one, but 2 major cities. The odds were stacked against us.

But we had one thing in our favor.

It all began with the resurrection of an old school icon that had long been forgotten.
Armed with cultural relevance and obnoxious charm...
Blacula was unleashed on social sites such as tumblr, twitter and facebook.
And when the born again bloodsucka's online presence began to sink in...

Things got really real.

We leveraged crowd funding sites like fiverr and kickstarter, giving our audience the opportunity to interact with the prince of darkness on a whole new level.
But the rise of Blacula didn't stop there... from theater posters and bar coasters to flyers galore, we painted both towns red, just in time for the big debut.

Every element worked together, seamlessly personifying the promotional experience. Forming the ideal platform to meet and even exceed our objectives, while revamping a vampire once again.

script written by: Elyse Simpson
video editing by: Kenneth Roberts
music by: Don Kutta
voice over by: Ron Marshall

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