Dance Music 3 is taken from the EP Marcus Fjellström "Epilogue -M-"

The EP "Epilogue -M-" presents six compositions, which could be described as
claustrophobic sounds in interstellar beauty. They explore the cold thin space
of ambience and melody, texture and silence, haunting synth and orchestral
audio constructions coupled with driven percussion and creaky background
noise. There exists a seemingly equal and sinister parallel universe of oppressive
and frightened sounds with particularly harrowing and tense undertones.

The origin of Epilogue -M- lies in the collaboration between Fjellström and
graphic artist Bas Mantel. Mantel has translated and interpreted the six sonic
compositions into graphic interstellar maps for the album artwork, which
consists of two double-sided 24-inch posters. Epilogue -M- exposes a dark
and frightening ambient universe, an outer space of exploding galaxies,
vaporizing masses, magnitudes, the interior of gravitation, and floating
emotions in an apparently silent sea of white light, full of grace and dark black
anxious endings.

Music: Marcus Fjellström
Graphic images: Bas Mantel
Released: Aagoo records | Rev. Lab. -AGO059 / REV001-

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