We can help thousands of children in the Ruhaama region of Uganda stay in school this year.

Your gift of $30 will provide safe water for a student and her family during critical years of learning and development. Will you help?

Lack of Time - Many children spend all day helping their parents fetch water instead of going to school.
Chronic Disease - Dirty water causes debilitating and life-threatening diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.

Water Security - Your donation funds safe water for a child and her family, right on the school grounds.
Hygiene Education - We teach good hygiene. Clean water combined with handwashing can eliminate 70% of disease.

Filmed and edited by Trench Films (trenchfilms.com).
Music: Sigur Ros-Hljomalind

You can download this video and others for promotional use here: water.cc/living-water/resources/videos/

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