In this Maya tutorial I will discuss a little bit about movie lighting and how VFX artists are often using HDR textures to imitate on set lighting when matching the look of CG objects to a plate. I set up and show examples of light extraction from a panoramic HDR, why HDR textures give you more then 8-bit linear textures, and a table top example of lighting a wine glass. This video was made in 2012 using Maya 2012 and Mental Ray. Hope you enjoy and look for my other VFX tutorials online and at For free Maya files with geometry and set up you can find them all at this Drobpox link.
Send me a note if you make any renders or have any questions.
Enjoy @Tojek_VFX

The full HDR and Linear Color Workflow Course is now available at the historical and non-profit Internet Archive website, grab them all free and spread the word.

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