The concept of movement through the city is different for individuals.

'A Drifting Up' explores 60 seconds of movement through an underground tunnel in Sydney for a physically disabled person. The film's protagonist measures the architecture around them through the study of surface, height data, speed and distance; constantly changing layers of space to be negotiated.

The film creates a narrative about spatial experience to investigate how a physically disabled character might analyse material space. It reveals some inherent contradictions and constraints of 'accessible' public space in the city, and offers another rhythm to city life; another perspective for urban users and designers alike.

BIO: Amanda Clarke is a Designer in the fields of Architecture, Film and Art. Operating through cross disciplinary design practice, she pursues an intensive engagement with the temporary, sensorial and social qualities of space and a fresh consideration of Architecture. Her interest in the the way different urban users operate within architectural space heightened after caring for a physically disabled family member.

Music: 'La chasse' by CODA, album 'There is a way to Fly.'

Note: No post production visual edits.

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