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One musician’s creative quest for truth and freedom.

Muzyki (Musics) is a creative documentary about the stimulative process of making music, materialized in an artistic collaboration of the musician Michał Zygmunt and filmmakers Aga Gonczarek & Patryk Kizny. It explores the inspirations, the quest for one’s roots, the artistic meetings and the musical journey into the unknown, which all lead to the creation of a unique music album and a series of exceptional live music performances. It reveals a modern interpretation of Polish roots culture by means of music and imagery.


From the review by Ewa Henry, Toronto, Canada:

“Take something, really look at it and try to understand it” are the opening words of Roli Mosimann, Swiss music producer involved in the production of Michal Zygmunt’s “Muzyki”.

What we witness for the next 36 minutes is a sensuous process of discovery and search for understanding in Aga Gonczarek and Patryk Kizny’s film documenting one musician’s creative quest for truth and freedom.
Kizny and Gonczarek introduce the musician, Michal Zygmunt as he begins his story. In their film they tell the story of a storyteller. Although without overwhelming means of expression, yet the viewer never loses the sense that their own story is present the entire time. We are privileged to experience this sensuous ménage à trois that once again will prove that art is not about the final result it is about the process.
Throughout the film we learn, or should I say we have our knowledge re-affirmed, that there is never a single story. Everything exists in context, stories are being born, told and retold and then they take lives of their own.

Where is the viewer placed in this powerful, multilayered storytelling?

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