gun.ctrl is a series of five short animations, created for Umut Vakfı - an organization discouraging possession and use of guns by civilians.

First three films in the series (01: Kutluyoruz - we're celebrating, 02: •REC and 03: Bir taşla iki kuş - two birds with one stone) are a small trilogy, all focusing on the different outcomes of a similar event - an anonymous celebration involving shooting bullets into the air. Fourth movie (04: At, avrat, silah) takes its roots in an old Turkish proverb, claiming that a true man is defined by his three possessions: his horse, woman and the gun. The fifth movie (05: Her yaşa uygun - suitable for all ages) consists of three short segments, each exposing the true nature of unprovoked gun use.

gun.ctrl: something out of nothing was created one year after the original films and serves as a short look behind the scenes of the compositing process.

Entire project was shot and produced with virtually no budget, thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the entire team.

Produced: September 05, 2004

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