Installation ("Fluolet" - letterset, 38 mm tubelights, sensors, 2012)

H E Y P E A R is a small ode to letters, tubelights and love spells. In Paul Auster’s ‘The Music of Chance’, the lottery-winning accountant Bill Flower describes his special connection with figures - figures that determined his life: “Numbers have souls, and you can't help but get involved with them in a personal way.” The time spent with texts and translations has probably deformed my relationship to letters and words in a similar manner: reading about speech acts, for instance, feels like poetry to me; erasing my boyfriends’s text messages seems very unlucky.
The installation consists of 5 "messages" of various lengths, made with the obsolete Fluolet advertisment system. The tube lights are connected to a movement sensor that activates when a visitor approaches. The text is based on text messages my boyfriend sent me.
Fluolet was a shortlived advertisement system from the 50's/60's consisting of plastic letterboxes designed specially to fit on 38 mm tube lights, allowing retailers to create adaptable signs.

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