How do you build buzz around The '80s on Nat Geo without making the show look like a collection of clips and interviews? Well, if you don't have the rights to a lot of the footage from the show to begin with, it kinda invites new thinking from the start. We reached out to a small posse of wicked talented designers and animators and ask for their take on the problem, and the results are pretty rad. Thanks to everyone who went along with the idea and brought their creative A-Teams to the project.

Promax Silver - On-Air Illustration

National Geographic Channel
SVP Creative - Andy Baker
Creative Director - Tyler Korba
Creative Director, Design - Brian Everett
Design Director - Carla Daeninckx

"Mash-Up", "Boombox", "Shades"
Director - Sean Pecknold
DP - Matt Daniels
Camera Assistant - Christian Sorenson Hansen
Producer - Nate Barr
Art Director - Alina Hardin
Art Assistant - Jill Guidi
Dancer - Kid Enzo

Executive Creative Director - Orion Tait
Executive Producer - Anne Skopas
Creative Director - Thomas Schmid
Producer - Kevin Hall
Design - Thomas Schmid, Fede Reano, Kyle Mowatt
CG Supervisor - Ryan O’Phelan
Previs - William Trebutien, Ryan O’Phelan
Modeling - Arvid Volz, Brice Linane, Martina Stiftinger
3D Animation - Ryan O’Phelan, Trentity DeWitt
2D Animation - William Trebutien, Fede Reano, Kyle Mowat, Thomas Schmid, Emmanuelle Leleu, Sebastien Iglesias
Composite - Thomas Schmid, Fede Reano

"Tech Evolution"
National Television

Adolescent Inc.

Nathan Love

Clean Cuts
Sound Design/Mix - Cadell Cook

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