This video was made as part of the SATO 48-2013 (Springfield and the Ozarks) Film Challenge. A team of three of us traveled to Springfield, MO to compete. The final video had to be less than 5 min, completed entirely within a 48 hour time frame, and be based on the Inspiration Package as follows:

Creative Inspiration:

Local Newspaper, Friday, April 12, 2013


Transformation of Prop throughout film:
Physically Alter Prop THREE times so it appears to be another object
Each alteration mush BE THE RESULT OF the previous alteration
Date on Local Newspaper must be seen at least once

Physical Action:
A person or thing must MAKE THE FIGURE "8" at TWO different times
And each time the action must have direct consequences on the characters/story

At least ONE time, for good reason, a character must emphatically say the word, "Eight"

Lemniscate was our best attempt at answering these prompts. We wanted to to try to explore the concept of infinity and therefore named our film Lemniscate, the mathematical term for the infinity symbol. It explores a loop in the consciousness of our main character as we discover the motivation for his actions. Please enjoy.

v.2 constitutes changes made following the 48 time limit to better sound and minor changes to editing.

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