The poor health of the world’s oceans is a problem -- and it's getting worse! Though everyone should be educated on this issue, Greg Underwater is designed for young people.

My thesis project is an interactive installation that explores the relationship between the ocean's health and human intervention. It's also an experiment: to see if the impact that people’s choices have within a gameplay-based narrative can be leveraged to help them understand the impact people have on the ocean environment.

Greg Underwater consists of a series of animations and a set of interactive games placed between video narratives. On the controller box, there is a arcade button that allows users to start the videos and games and a track ball used to control the characters.

Be part of the experiment! Click the start button, what animations and let's begin the journey!

< Games are made by Openframeworks >

Designer / Illustrator: Sylvia Yang
Animator: Sylvia Yang
Creative programer: Alex Fuzzy-Wobble
Thesis instructors: Anthony Deen, Andrew Zornoza

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