Welcome to your Awesome Robot by Viviane Schwarz (0:15) adafruit.com/products/1340

Hacking Electronics by Simon Monk (1:11) adafruit.com/products/1339

Red Berry Tote Bag (1:44) adafruit.com/products/1011

GPIO Tube Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi - 12" long (2:33) adafruit.com/products/1338

GPIO Extender Cable for Raspberry Pi - 12" long (2:33) adafruit.com/products/1337

LPCXpresso LPC1347 Development Board with LPC-Link (4:50) adafruit.com/products/1342

LPCXpresso LPC1769 Development Board with LPC-Link (4:50) adafruit.com/products/1341

BeagleBone Black (8:28) adafruit.com/products/1278

TV Microscope - 25x & 400x magnification / 8 LEDs (13:35) adafruit.com/products/1345

Adafruit Pi Case- Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Model A or B (16:47) adafruit.com/products/1326

RGB Color Sensor with IR filter - TCS34725 (19:36) adafruit.com/products/1334

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