Before my wife and I had children, I didn't comprehend all the hard work that goes into being such an amazing mother. It wasn't until we had our own kids that I learned to fully appreciate all that my own mom did for me. I got to see my wife first hand experience all the joys and amazing first time moments of raising our children. But, at the same time, I saw how much she sacrificed and poured out on our kids and myself. She does so many amazing things that might seem invisible to most, but they truly leave an everlasting impact on the lives around her. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her and for mothers everywhere.

This film is dedicated to my wife, mom and mother-in-law. Thank you to everybody who helped on this project, it was a huge team effort!

Director / Writer: Garrett Marks
Writer for Mother Speech: Karlet Muster

Director of Photography: Nic McLean (
Project Manager / Key Grip: Andrew Head
Location Supervisor: Nate Pritchard
Sound Recordist: Joe Henschel
Production Assistant: Jared Roth
Editor / Color: Garrett Marks
Sound Mix: Andrew Head

Actors (Speaking Roles):
Main Actress: Rachel Welchons
Teacher: Laura Marks
Surfer Boy: Caleb Crozier
Baseball Player: Austin Smit
Singer: Kayla Gubbay
President: Jordyn Doan
Photographer: Klayton Miller
Veterinarian: Tobiah Johnson

Additional Kids in Class:
Bella Doan, Grace Hanley, Eric Trickey Jr., Christopher Welchons, Tabitha Johnson, Harley Luallen, Thalassa Trickey, Dillon Welchons, Kolton Miller

Special Thanks:
Cardiff Elementary School, Julie Parker, CFS Carlsbad, Parents of Kids, Laura Smit, Laura Marks, Nate Pritchard, Amanda Doan, Jeycob Carlson, Barbara Marks, Rose Greary, Craig Muster, Welchon Family, Krisann Gentry

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