I have tried to upload HD videos in Webm format / VP8 codec and they do not show in HD here in Vimeo despite of having the same bandwidth. So, here is another unedited MP4 video recorded at 1 fps and coded as 25 fps. If I find a proper hosting to serve you the more freedom-respecting Webm files, I'll do it. OGV (Ogg theora) are not admitted and at 47Mb (i.e. for this one) they just weight too much. I am still looking for a good set of options for ffmpeg to create good OGV videos.

For a video this long, I thought the first page of the score was enough to show how plain-text code is converted into a beautiful score by LilyPond.

The front-end is Frescobaldi, which has direct and reverse point-and-click. I pressed Ctrl-M roughly once every measure to send the job to LilyPond thus getting an often updated preview for the video. I also made a preview every time something interesting happens in the code so that you can examine many features of the lilypond language by pausing the video.

The score is Bach-style and therefore it is fairly simple because it has no slurs or dynamics.

I'd like to have a melt template (commandline editing) and some titles to make a more pleasant video, but it is also an advantage to be able to produce a quick video with only a few keystrokes and no editing. This one is made start to end in an Acer Aspire One at 1024x600.

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