Directed by Ikiru

On average, one out of every twelve packages shipped is inaccurately adressed. An everyday fact of life for a messenger like Mattis Engel in a big city like Berlin. He thinks nothing of it when his dispatcher sends him in pursuit of an annoyingly evasive addressee. After a bout through the busy city center Mattis welcomes the opportunity of a quick skip to the suburbs for an extra buck, to finally be rid of the strenuous parcel. Little does he know that his search for the enigmatic Ivan Borisovic has just begun. A half-hour overtime turns into a journey throughout the Balkans and to the end of Europe and beyond into Turkey and Georgia in the Caucas mountains. Needless the journey and the adventures on the way will make Mattis a forever changed man.

Filmed on location in over 7 countries from Germany to Georgia in the summer of 2006.

81 Min. Color. Stereo

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