February, at the Desert Woodturning Roundup, I met Wayne Wolfe. He showed me pictures of several quilt and sewing tools that he has woodturning. My wife said she wanted one - so off I go.
For the hardware, I purchased a seam ripper at a fabric store and discarded its lid. The wood is a exotic wood pen blank I purchased in an assortment. The woods were not labeled so I don't know what species of wood it is.
Step 1: Mount in a chuck.
Step 2: Drill 1/4" hole 1 5/8" deep (for my ripper). Then enlarge the hole by one bit size down to 1/2"
Step 3: Turn a simple, easily held handle. A lot of beads and coves may show off turning skills but would be less comfortable to hold. Mine is finished with beeswax and mineral oil
That's all - a simple but useful project.
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