"Subversion" is a film submitted as part of the Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest


This video is but a small portion of a larger visual arts concept designed to examine the causes and motivations behind the movement towards a future society that I consider to be dystopic in its creation. Within it, you will hear the voices of those individuals all too familiar with the subversive entities that have infiltrated economic institutions and governing systems, and commit to acts of treason in order to simply...rule over us all. The setting for this film focuses on the "Financial Capitol of the World"; New York City. It is a location within this nation that has witnessed many changes throughout the decades. The influences behind those changes are a matter of personal perspective, but, one thing is very clear; despite any opinion, New York City has proven to become a place of extreme polarity between the "haves" and the "have nots". The "Empire State", without a doubt, sets the example for what many see as a steady march towards "A New World Order". The methods used to acheive this goal are often seen as permissable and encouraged through the means of blatant decadence, corporate greed and mass deception. These contributing factors have their roots set in opposition to the principles of true liberty and absolute freedom for all Americans.

With that stated, I suggest you disconnect your mind from mainstream media's propoganda machine with its brainwashing effects and predictive programming. Now, more than ever, it is exceedingly beneficial to become aware of the real facts behind the issues that definitely concern our well being.

Visit the InfoWars website at infowars.com where you can read important articles, watch informative videos or listen to the online radio broadcast of the Alex Jones Show and much more.

The choice is yours...care to retain that basic human right...

Rest In Peace and Serenity, Mr. Jim Tucker

-Dwayne J. Murdock

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