Good times shared with friends. This was the plan for our arrival in the Colombian capital’s Zona T to celebrate the opening of our first Latin American flagship store, featuring the new global store concept inspired by Palm Springs, in the company of the city’s young people and trendsetters. 1,000 square metres of store space packed with guests attending a fabulous private party where the music was served up by the band Cut Your Hair and DJ duo Kostrox. Gerard Estadella, the face behind the phenomenon who flew in from Europe especially to snap the highlights of the event.

And as if that wasn’t enough, with our Lucky Tarot everyone went home with a smile on their face, as our cards only had good news to tell (what’s more, all the guests came away with a gift of a set of Lucky Tarot cards so they could keep practising). The GOOD TIMES ROOM was all the incentive the guests needed to let their hair down and create a video message with their very best wishes. As was to be expected with a store inspired by California, the catering featured the best of the US, accompanied by lots and lots of laughter. And laughter is precisely our lasting memory of the event.

The store opened to the public the very next day. A marketing campaign during the run up to the opening inundated the city’s parks and university campuses with flags. Flags with a prize: 15% off the first purchase of the day. And as we’re always eager for more, DJ Gerard Estadella and Kostrok were on the turntables offering shoppers the very best sounds.

It really was…a good time!

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