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At Middlebury, we trust our professors to prepare our students for the future. They are armed with an ability to interpret and communicate information to such an extent that we have selected them to facilitate the primary purpose of this institution. Our professors don't teach us what to think about the important issues of our time, but they certainly teach us how to approach them. They are also beneficiaries of our endowment's returns.

These 18 professors' conclusions on Middlebury's fossil fuel and arms divestment decision should therefore be taken seriously by the college community as we look towards a May decision.


Dan Brayton
John Emerson
Kemi Fuentes-George
Rebecca Gould
Jon Isham
Christopher Klyza
Anne Knowles
Marta Manrique-Gomez
Peter Matthews
Brett Millier
Stefano Mula
Ellen Oxfeld
Jay Parini
Robert Prasch
Jason Scorse
Yumna Siddiqi
Grace Spatafora
Hector Vila

Produced and Edited by Alexa Beyer

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