“Father G and the Homeboys” is the original documentary about one of L.A.’s greatest hometown heroes, Fr. Greg Boyle, and powerfully chronicles his transformative work with the toughest of gang members. Directors John Bohm and Pete Tapia weave the story of “Father G” with the lives of four gang-bangers who are followed for 3 years as they struggle to leave violent pasts and embrace hope with jobs through Fr. Boyle’s visionary and nationally lauded “Homeboy Industries”. Fr. G helps kids plan for their futures instead of their funerals.


Through the film we meet Joe, who has spent most of his life in the notorious “White Fence” gang or in prison, now trying to break free of a meth addiction; Frances, who journeys from chola to working mother fighting for her kids; “Droopy”, a 2nd generation gangbanger whose parents were married in jail and through Homeboy attempts to escape his legacy; and “Spider”, so heavily tattooed he has become a walking target, now enduring the pain of leaving la vida loca. All of them are inspired by Fr. Boyle’s promise, “Nothing stops a bullet like a job.”

Film due out this summer 2013 in stores across the USA!

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