Better Living aka Bidders Paradise Penny Auction focuses on High-End Items
For Example:
Rolex and Omega Watches
Louis Vuitton Purses
iPads and High-End Electronics and so much more.....

" What is a Penny Auction "

A Penny Auction is where items are placed for auction with a starting price of $0.00
Clock starts several hours in advance and decreases one second at a time
When the clock hits 20 seconds or less, people begin to place bids
Each bid increases the price by one penny and resets the time back to 20 seconds
Auction ends when people stop bidding and clock runs out OR when the “Surprise Price” is reached
You must purchase bids in advance in order to participate
Each bid costs $0.58 cents each and are purchased in 2,000 bid packages (called a Unit)

Better Livings Auction site is called "Bidders' Paradise" :

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