Hush-hush, top secret. Non-disclosure. Not since the Cola Wars has a market been as hotly contested as the smartphone market. Working on Blackberry’s BB10 operating system tutorial videos was challenging because a lot was riding on the release, it had to happen on schedule, and had to be a carefully guarded secret. There was also a lot of work: 9 videos, 16 3D environments, tons of interface editing and adjustment. There were also a lot of different approvals require from several different time zones, and it had to be done fast, fast, fast. Oh and it also had to be beautiful. AND its actual specifics were a moving target as the interface was being tweaked right up until launch!


Client: Blackberry
Agency: Thornley Falls
Agency CD: Mike Edgell
Agency Producer: David Stulberg
Production Company: Thornley Falls
Producer: David Stulberg
DOP: Jeremy Benning
Offline Edit: John McGovarin
Visual Effects & Online Edit: 567vfx
Executive Producer: Lucy O'Neill
Producer: Cherie O'Connor
Flame Artists: Patrick Coffey, Justin Lee, Kristi-Ann Webster, Rodney Dowd
Designers: Patrick Coffey, Justin Lee, Tao Jiang
3D Modelling: Pulla
Rendering: Patrick Coffey, Lev Bravo, Pulla
Colourist: Jason Zukowski - Notch
Audio: Supersonic Creative
Montage Editor: Steve Manz - Relish Editing

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