Animarun 48hour marathon Film Contest - Objective: Create an animated movie within 48 hours and based on a theme - "Destroy to Recreate"

Nuno Mota (3D artist) and Boris van Es (compositing) took the theme literally. Three stories came across, and M1racle is born from the mix of all three stories.

Nuno Mota modelled, textured, animated all 3d, while Boris van Es started to do the compositing basis and storyboards to help Nuno with the objects moving and orientation. After the first render, starts the compositing, and with some final renders, starts the editing.
Software used 3ds Max and After Effects. Premiere Pro for editing.
Four computers used, two i5 laptops, HP and Toshiba, an old sony vaio core 2 duo and an imac i3.
In our opinion, the most beautiful shot is when the spaceship is leaving Earth, it's also a good memory, about 7 hours in rendering. Both i5 Laptops where rendering, and modelling/compositing, with two 3dsmax running at same time, and one with photoshop and after effects.
Overall M1racle still is a winner.

Boris van Es - Director; Motion Graphics; Editor
Nuno Mota - 3D Artist/Animator

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