Exercise and movement techniques are very old. Martial arts, dance, yoga associated disciplines and natural medicine, ancient ways of wisdom to negotiate the world to harmonize; avoid harm restore balance and live within it.

Our bodies respond to force and stress imposed on them by changing. Too much of it breaks us down and beats us up inside, too little does the same thing.

Too much emphasis is placed on what muscles are to be developed and what our bodies will look like if we train them, manipulate them in a certain way.

Fitness is about what you can do

Wellness is about maintaining a level of fitness so that you can get through your nights and days being able capable to do the things that you need and want to do.

Exercise and movement techniques training the body with the mind, alignment, breath control, mindfulness, how to release relax and flow. Training means developing abilities. Humans need enough environmental challenge to remain competent.

Training in natural environments is what what an exercise machine attempts to supplement or replace.

Make the floor your friend.

No resistance to force.
No arguments

Agree to everything without losing your form.


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