Bombay Sapphire appointed Gravity Road as the content specialist in early 2012, to develop the Imagination Series, a global context platform, which was to launch at the Tribeca Film festival in April of that year.

Imagination was intrinsic to the Bombay Sapphire brand: the invention of the vapour infusion process, the sourcing of exotic botanicals, through to the packaging of the product. When film was identified as a strategically important territory, a mechanic was sought that could spark that same imagination in the minds of consumers.

The final idea was simple. One script, five films. We partnered with Oscar winning writer Geoffrey Fletcher to develop a short-film script stripped of any stage direction. Consumers were then encouraged to imagine their film off his script. One script, five films

Entries closed on the 1st August, with submissions from 34 countries around the world. The five most imaginative were judged with the Tribeca Film Festival in September and the five winning films went into production. They were screened at the April 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. The films are being distributed widely online, through screening and on broadcast TV.

Based on the momentum the Imagination Series had built, Year 2 sees Bombay Sapphire using the same mechanic, with a new script from Geoffrey Fletcher. The Script II was launched by Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody, who joined the Imagination Series as a judge.

Watch the 5 winning films. Read The Script, fire your imagination and getting writing at

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