Directed by : Raphael Jamil Pranga
Vancouver Canada
Photographer : Pat Dy

"We all want love.
Some of us are lucky enough to find it.
That true love
the kind that makes you a whole new version of you
A better you.
One that fills your gaps, makes you work on your weaknesses
and gives you whole new strengths.
There's a kind of love that gives you a whole 'nother kind of joy.
The joy of knowing you are loved.
That in this huge world, another person decided that you deserved it.
The joy of knowing that no matter what the world throws at you,
you have a confidant, a fan, a shoulder to lean on, a happy smile, a best friend.
The kind of love that comes with responsibility,
to nurture it, to keep it growing, to keep it vibrant,
to keep it just as passionate as it was at the start, yet deep enough to handle those days when the passion dims.
The love that forgives.
The love that accepts fault.
The love that knows that you are ultimately responsible for the happiness of another,
and wants nothing else than to provide that happiness.
The love that leads to heaven.
The love that is heaven.
We all want love.
Some of us are lucky enough to find it."

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