3 weddings in 3 days with 2 SDE. This is not easy at all and we don't do it usual. But how to say no to the 3rd wedding after couple decided to send private jet to Croatia because there was no other way to get us to Ibiza on time? I am sure this wedding and this lovely couple from Singapore. will be our favourites for the long time...not only because of the private jet, but because they show us how important can be our work to someone. And also because of the great after party in vip lounge of "Privilege" club :)! What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza! :))

Camera crew: Robert Balasko, Dominik Robert Balasko, Jan Mihaljevic, Matija Vuri, Tomislav Ostoic
Making of camera: Almir Fakic (coming soon)
Photo cover by: Juliana Wiklund photography
Edited & directed by Robert Balasko

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