First things are first.
This video is not fully completed. I just felt dumb not having anything on here, so I figured I'd upload my latest project in the works.
Second things are second. I tried to Tag everyone, but some aren't letting me tag, so just use your imagination, boys and girls.
Anywho, I have been playing with clips I have seen from the far reaches of the web, or College Humor and here. Same thing, right? So since I have yet to get a decent movie editor on this new computer, this is a completely Windows Movie Maker production. I know it's choppy in some parts, and there weren't as many clips as I had hoped of dancing. It is getting there, though. Think of this as my...rough draft.
All in all, I am fairly happy with the way this is turning out, though I know it needs lots of work.
'Til Next time, Sports Fans,

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