In this video we are greeted with tons of life on the deep ledge with giant schools of Jack Crevalles, schools of bait fish and plenty of sharks. We drift along with flashers waiting to spot our targeted species - cobia. I spot a couple cobia on one of the sharks, dive down, line up, take my shot and unfortunately miss. I hate to miss but am lucky to have a guy like Ryan in our crew as he sees what just happened and continues an impressive dive down to the fish that I missed as it is swimming away. He fires a shot and nails it. I swim back to the surface and quickly reload my gun. As Ryan is pulling up the speared cobia a shark comes in close looking for a free meal. I dive down and place a shot near the shark to scare it away.

As we continue our drift I sense something by me on the surface. Noticing it is a mahi I quickly swing my gun around and take the shot, scoring a decent mahi.

Earlier in the trip Adam also plugged a cobia off the back of a bull shark. He quickly and efficiently got it into the boat so I didn't get any video footage of that one.

Filmed with a GoPro Hero HD. Edited with Final Cut Pro. Color tweaked in post-processing to create more contrast and make the underwater life more visible.

Song is "Peach Fish" by Buck-O-Nine.

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