Ty Miller
Artist Statement

Weird Cooking In Weird Places:
My art video takes the normally bland and monotonous task of cooking, and indulges into the memories of one’s childhood which probably involved “playing” or “experimenting” with food at some point. I remember growing up creating many different types of concoctions just by combining ingredients that should never be mixed together. This art video is intended to help one tap back into that mindset and force them to wonder “how would that taste?” or “why would you ever mix those together?” I want this video to fulfill the everyday person’s curiosity while providing thought provoking visuals that would drive someone to want to re-create what I have accomplished. Another dimension that furthers progresses my idea is the facts that not only are these “weird” foods, but they’re also presented in eye raising places that you would normally never place food to be consumed.
My influences in creating this piece are definitely food. I was always very curious with trying new things and combining different types of food to see if their textures and tastes went well together. This video is a reflection of my own personal curiosity which I have satisfied by sampling each creation I made throughout the filming process. I hope this video inspires its viewers to try new things and push beyond what’s normal to satisfy similar curiosities.

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