428 Help (Helping Every Life Personally)
SECTION 1: WHERE DOES MY HELP COME FROM: Many times when we go through trials and tribulations we forget. We forget that all the trials we are going through have been approved of by Yehovah. He has allowed them to happen for HIS reasons. Sometimes the reason is we have ADD. Not the silly thing from the misguided Psychologist people. Real ADD, Addicted to Directly Disobeying. Other times when we are going through trials it is not for pain but for spiritual gain. To get each person up to the next grade level. The key to this section is to learn this lesson. During the times of trouble do we turn our focus upward, to my help comes from my Maker. Or do we turn our eyes elsewhere.
SECTION2: STANDING FOR PROPER BIBLICAL TRUTH. Going against the elements of this world is extremely hard. Each and every day it seems to be getting harder. What is the reason that it has become harder? We are in the boat. We have our supplies. We have been with our Lord recently. Now we are rowing and it keeps getting harder and harder. It has become increasing harder to try and get to the other side, but we are persevering. Now it completely dark and a storm has come over us. The elements of this world are crashing into our boat. The question that will be asked in this section of the message is this; what was missing from our boat. What truth did we leave behind that has brought us to the point of destruction.
SECTION 3: THE HEBREW ROOTS OF THE WORD HELP. In this section we will look at the word help. How it is tied to the real name of Messiah. The Lord’s word will take us through different situations that we may find ourselves in throughout our lives and how to cry out for help. We will also look at tools Yehovah gave us to help and remind us how He never moves it is we that move away from Him. The final part in this section is a pattern used by the King to get the elder to seek the LORD for the younger.

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