The intent of this Gensler Los Angeles led academic studio was to survey, understand and visualize the dynamic set of infrastructure constraints impacting and contributing to Downtown Los Angeles’ CAPACITY to evolve. The findings uncovered that meeting Downtown Los Angeles' current FAR "constraint" could increase the population of downtown 10-fold from 450,000 people to 4.5 million. Is this physically possible? Can the resources supporting Los Angeles serve a larger population? If so, how large?

As with any city, Los Angeles’ infrastructure exists as both physical and operational systems. Many of these systems remain an enigma, unimaginable and seldom envisioned at their maximum capacity, while others, such as Los Angeles notorious automotive thoroughfares are easily imagined, if not an everyday reality for many Angelenos.

The SLO_GenLA '13 Professional Studio focused on documenting and synthesizing the capacity of Los Angeles’ infrastructure and how the limits of each system may physically impact the future built form of Los Angeles. Once these variables, which include building information and zoning, energy, waste management, and water were universally known and their units of measure understood, scenarios for the future were generated.

For more information on the format or topic of this studio please contact Shawn Gehle or Li Wen at Gensler Los Angeles or engage in the conversation on twitter: #CapacityLA

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