------Edit 12.03.2014----- I have now posted the patches used in this video dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7396719/Nord_rastko.zip .

In the meantime the patches have been used in the first four pieces of my Game Of Life release : gameoflife.bandcamp.com/album/rastko-yangon-days-2

On my journey to Myanmar I could not take a lot of instruments with me.

One of the instruments I do have with me is the Nord Micro Modular (vintagesynth.com/clavia/nordmicro.php).

It is a very small hardware synth and a joy to play and program.

I found it very easy to use as the virtual patching is similar to a hardware modular synth.
After a very short time I had twenty patches most of them self playing but many made to be used with a midi controller, in my case I use the excellent FaderFox UC3 faderfox.de/uc3.html.

It is really a shame that this synth is not in production any more and I thank Richard Scott (richard-scott.net) for recommending me it.

The Micro and the small Make Noise modular are going to be the core elements of my performances this somer in Europe and here in South East Asia.
They make a very powerful package and can fit in a small bag.

I wish you all a nice day here from Yangon


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