speć k [spesh kay] - off the XXIII mixtape.


even if i touch a milly, still keep it jiggy
my niggas is comin' with me, for real they comin' with me
bitches actin' whitney, comings all funny
two X's on they eyes, crossing out the lies
niggas i despise, told them all before
eat shit and die, better try the diet size
step up in my mind, see thought multiply
and play them like a megaplex

yes (yes), this is for my niggas
who steady got my back and coach the young rookie
now i'm the best bet, better run and tell your bookie
i was talking notes when they was playin' hookie
your mind be your weapon, well i pick up a gun
fighting at the house parties fucking up the fun
she plottin' on a come-up to suck up the sun
then work on her tan, dollar sign tatted in the middle of her hand

she talk money
queen from queen she don't play dunny
down ass bitch know when to play dummy
poppa was a king, momma now a mummy
oh Lord, please rest his soul
give her what she need to let it all go
life is what you choose to know
fuck that shit man, let it all go!
mt. saint helen just let it all blow
pick your poison then start the show
a nigga so cold like ski patrol
trying to do it big like fe-fi-fo
them bitches hover 'round
rest tupac soul, cool night stroll
or i could use a stripper on a pole
mean maestro, this is how we roll

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