Using footage from "Manos: The Hands of Fate" along with researched information, this video is an examination of the slightly inaccurate documentary, "Hotel Torgo". I guess you could say it's a mockumentary since it mocks Hotel Torgo's research or lack thereof.

The Search for Castmates attempts to shed light in a humourous way, on the "mysterious deaths and disappearances" of "Manos" cast members. This was done by curating information and interviews from others and weaving it in with edited clips of "Manos: THOF". I just stitched it together to tell a story and help debunk some myths. Some additional dialogue was also recorded to re-dub one of the scenes.

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, this is not an attack on Hotel Torgo. I actually like the film. This video just affectionately pokes a little fun at it. I hope you have as much fun watching it. It also is not trying to disrespect any of the cast members that have actually died. May those actors rest in peace.

Trivia: I designated the police car as car #66 for a couple of reasons. One is because the film was released in 1966 and the other is because of the very loose connection to the Route 66 television series. Read "Debbie's Manos" for the full story.

Note: The interview by Keith McCaffety of Talk to the Hand is used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

The interview by Vince Rotolo of The B-Movie Cast is used with permission. You can listen to the full interview at

All video clips, music and images are from the public domain movie, Manos: The Hands of Fate

All text was written by me and additional dialogue was recorded by me using Audacity, all of which is under my copyright.

Read Jackey Raye Neyman's blog, Debbie's Manos for more stories about the making of the movie

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