Whats the connection? Bill Gates, Ronald Donald Offut, and Harold Hamm are members of the Concordia College Global Leadership Council. They are also some of Concordias wealthiest doners. Bill Gates is speaking this coming Saturday at the dedication of the newly rehabbed Ronald D. Offut (RDO) School of Business at Concordia.
RDO has been spraying its potatoes with hundreds of thousands of pounds of pesticides and poisoning northern and central Minnesota communities for 30+ years. People and farm animals are sick and dying, birds disappear, frogs disappear. RDO flies on its pesticides, profits immensely, and gets a Concordia College academic building named after himself.
Bill Gates is a wealthy man who purchases good will all over the world with his tremenduos wealth. In order to stay wealthy, Mr Gates has made some toxic and polluting investments in the U.S., Africa and elsewhere that exploits labor resources as well.
Harold Hamm, oil man from Oklahoma, owns a large number of oil well leases in western North Dakota. Mr. Hamm is one of the primary developers of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) that is of great concern to those who protect clean water and fight against climate change.
If you stand for clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment, come stand with us in solidarity on Saturday at Concordia College.
If you are opposed to climate change, pesticide contamination, pollution, and unfair labor practices, come stand with us in solidarity Saturday, April 27, 9 - noon, Concordia Collegs, Moorhead. MN.
Protect Mother Earth, Idle No More.

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