gizmog video trailer done by chichirik and zoikmusic:

a dark wobbling grindstone bass scrubbing it down, that is how the a side of the single "tonight" from gizmog sounds like.
the b side with "whakk" is dirty huge animal that rolls gasping over a smashed synthesizer, while "gurg" seems to be a drunk yeti, that carved the groove of the track with his own hands.

beneath all the shuffle and scrape , delay and destruction on gizmogs 12" vinyl maxi "tonight", lies a heart of soul and rough granular electro dirtyness
that insitent repeats: dance if you can.

gizmog is not only one, he was and is many.
as taprikk sweezee, he collaborated with michael fakesch, kidkanevil and towa tei. as droet, he completed the confused elctro duo "fussel"(zoikmusic 2008).
he also released and performed as roals roaster, gorgonzola, or iiuu and kaltes ä and runs the hamburg based label zoikmusic.

gizmog "tonight" 12" limited white vinyl maxi and mp3 out on
release 11.09.2009 distribution brokensilence (germany)

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