Here it is the part 5 ! I came back from Uruguay in Buenos Aires. I spend some nights at Libano, it's a park where lot of people come to make sports like running, yoga or play football. And we skating on the road around. It's a cool spot where I felt good vibes, that's why I made a video with Bruno, the roommate of Manu Mordcovich. I had lot of very good times in Argentina, I hope you can feel it through this video.

After I get to Brazil. I spend my days in Tiago Mohr House. It was a lot of good hills around his house, I made a video the first day I was there because I was amazed by all the good spots was around his house. Especially "Vila Nova 2".
music : Los Solfa - Pero igual
music : Gang Starr - Full Clip
music : Joel Hisaishi - Lipstick Message
music : Plan Merluza - Conchuda
Thanks To Miga, Manu, Vinicius to help me to film all that.

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