HELLO! and thank you for clicking on my video!
this is a video i made that was originally aimed for a japanese film festival, the song is chosen from the festival.
The task was to chose 1 of 3 songs and create a video for the particular song.
this is what i saw in my head when i listened to this song that i chose.

-its about a boy who finds a bow for a violin. He plays around with it and using his imagination to create his own world.
song is not owned by me. made by : Ichiko Aoba - Sakana.
the video was rushed a bit since i only had two weeks to create it, but none the less i still thought i should share it.
it's a one man job, and the style i chose is sort of stopmotion/animation.
i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it.
thank you for watching
Christophe Siel - SIEL ART

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