It’s the “why,” not the “what” that counts. If we are told what someone does, it’s often just disposable information, words. We have no emotional connection to it. If we learn why they do it, how do we feel? As humans we are connected to people when we feel we understand their hearts, why they do what they do.

With films, we have been able to watch what people do and see why they’re driven to do it. We see the emotion on their faces as they interact with each other. We capture small, meaningful gestures – maybe a fleeting frown or a quick twinkle in someone’s eye. Films show us the why.

Take Adrian, for example. Adrian is a normal guy who will take your “average” life, shake it up and walk with you along a path of self discovery. His talent is helping people find solutions to some of the toughest personal barriers. He opens his clients’ eyes to their potential. Why does he do it? He believes in people. He believes people can change, improve and become great!

So, in order to create a film that would chop at the root of what Adrian does, we knew it had to be about his hope for people.

We started by asking ourselves questions like, ”Why are people stuck?” “Why is Adrian needed?” and, most importantly, “Why does Adrian do what he does?”

As we dug in to developing the film’s message, we knew it needed to embody keywords like “hope,” “break-through,” “perspective,” “potential,” and “vision.” We wanted to show how people get so caught up in the everyday to-do’s that life can become overwhelming, mundane and imprisoning. Some notice it, some don’t. The film had to end with a feeling of calmness and hope to break free... Read more at

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