Artist collective Re-Dock presents - Can you hear me? I can see you! - a short, interactive exhibition of prototype communications devices developed as part of an experimental workshop and training programme.

Through activities and practical advice sessions, artist collective Re-Dock have worked with residents of Your Housing Group sheltered & supported accommodation to discuss technological innovations within their lifetimes, whilst exploring the outer limits of emerging telecommunications platforms.

The sessions have acquainted the resident groups with iPads, Skype and aspects of social media and online research tools, whilst drawing inspiration from people's memories and experiences of the early days of electronic communications technology.

A series of prototype devices have been constructed which investigate questions such as "What message would you send to your younger self?" "Can we send a message into space?" "What are the uses of telepresence in an everyday residential setting?"

Can you hear me? I can see you! has been inspired by early theatrical techniques for creating ghostly apparitions (particularly the peppers ghost effect), 20th century versions of apparitions, teleportation and the video-phone expressed in popular sci-fi cinema (examples of which can be seen projected in the space) and the domestication of video-conferencing through products and services like Skype over the last few years.

Presented as an open sketchbook, the ideas shared in this exhibition are "in-process" with the opportunity for you to test things out.

This project has been commissioned through FACT's Collaboration and Engagement Programme, funded by The Baring Foundation.

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