This is a short film about missionaries Bill and Susette Mannassero who started Child Hope. Child Hope is an organization that is dedicated to helping orphans and impoverished children in Haiti. It was founded by Bill and Susette Mannassero, but the idea behind it was actually inspired by their young daughter, who felt a strong calling to help children in Haiti.
When the Mannasseros started out, they began by providing a home for a group of twelve boys. After praying for years to be able to help girls as well, they eventually were able to open up a home for young girls.
From there on, the organization has grown larger. Child Hope has a school that provides education for children whom would not have been able to afford it otherwise. This school provides a strong foundation for the children’s relationship with Christ, and helps fulfil the primary mission of Child Hope – to raise disciples, young men and women who will go out and transform the country in the name of Jesus.
The organization also provides a transition program, where the children are taught practical and valuable skills that they can use when they are old enough to leave the home. Child Hope also has a clinic in which they work with the community.
To serve others is an important part of discipleship. This is demonstrated beautifully in the form of the feeding program, which is run by the children of the Child Hope organization. Initially, it was felt that Child Hope was not equipped to start a program to feed the hungry in the community, but the children intervened and said that they wanted to run it themselves. This truly shows the power of the love and hope that Child Hope has inspired in the community.

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