This very short film is a "documentary" that asks the question, how would society react if mutants were to exist in the real world. The inspiration for the story came primarily from two graphic novels: X-Men - God Loves, Man Kills and MARVELS. I created this in a little less than a week (with absolutely no budget) so there a few things i would have liked to change, but overall i am very proud to present this as my Visual Arts final.

Thank you to all who helped me make this possible! Without your help i will never have finished this project on time. I really appreciate the time you gave me to make this a reality.

A Work in Progress Productions

Directed By: Richard Flores
Written By: Richard Flores
Edited By: Richard Flores
Music By: Cliff Martinez
Songs: "Asleep" by The Smiths

Special Thanks To:

Rudy Torres
Saif Najjar
Gabriella Gonzalez
Anthony White
Mike Yepes Gallego
Gabriel Najar
Blanca Garcia
Jorge Nicolas
Alexandra Cerda
Sean Evan Scott
Gustavo Marquez
Kenia Alfaro
Aida Alazar
Monica Perez
Melissa Orozco
Nathan Charles
Eugene Kim
Joshua Jackson
Leslia Gonzalez
Jason Addy
Darius Chyou

Based upon characters appearing in comic books published in MARVEL COMICS

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