Music: Blackwind by Patrick Watson
This is what I did in April 2013.

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April was a crazy month. Highlights include working on a film and making lots of new friends, going to Comedy Living Room and watching some Parks and Rec writers perform standup, hanging out with my nephews while my brother and his wife got ready to move, seeing SUFJAN STEVENS perform his commissioned show "Planetarium" (seriously... so good), playing for a whole week nonstop when my best friend came to visit, getting an epic ticket from my car getting towed (ok that's not a highlight per se... I welcome sympathy donations haha), being around for the Iron Man 3 premiere (see my blog for why that was a cool coincidence) and wrapping up the month back on set. :)

Edited in Final Cut Pro 7 & filmed almost entirely on the go with the iPhone 4S (and a couple shots with the Canon 6D).

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