A collection of projects that I've had the honor of working on throughout my college career at Savannah College of Art and Design.

In order of appearance:

Free Diving (Editor)
I collaborated with Ryan Curtis on a short documentary that highlighted not only the methods of free-diving but also, the kindred connection made mentally, physically, and spiritually while pushing your body to it's limits.

Alternatives (Director. Producer. Writer. Camera Operator)
My senior thesis project that I have recently completed March of 2013. My goal is to get invoke a thoughtful discussion regarding an exploration of one of the alternatives, sustainable biodiesel fuel. Following the process of creating biodiesel, from harvest, to crushing, to usage, to recycling and conversion, to fueling the city of Savannah. Ultimately, contrasting how big of an issue oil is, with the change being made in such a small town.I am currently in the works of enhancing the film and getting it film festival ready.

Heroes On Horseback (Director. Producer. Writer. Camera Operator)
My first documentary that I ever worked on in my Directing the Documentary course with three other classmates. We shadowed a non-profit program entitled Heroes on Horseback that works with those who have mental, physical, as well as, emotional "disabilities" through equine-assisted therapy.
Can be viewed in full here.

The Branch Office (Editor)
One of many collaborations with Felisa Jimenez. This is one of three short documentaries that showcase two men and a resort that have a shared love of tree houses.
Can be viewed in full here.

Live Events (Camera Operator)
A collection of live concerts and studio sessions that I've had the opportunity to film and edit.
Can be viewed here and here.

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