Every skiers and snowboarders has dreamed to, one day, ride some lines in Alaska. When i realized that me and my two friends were going to barely scratch the surface of it, i was strongly excited but also quite concerned knowing that we were getting out of our comfort zone with lots of unknown that could change drastically the way things go. Drop by helicopter in the mountain with lots of food and all we need to survive is water and heat to stay hydrated, cook and dry our gears. Meanwhile, capturing the scenery with our camera for memories and do the best thing there is to do, riding powder with friends in the wilderness where digging pit, roping up glacier and carrying bear spray is the only healthcare system. To finally, make our own way to civilization after a week of all time condition... This is not nearly as fun to watch than it was to be there, but enjoy.


If you like the music, make yourself a favor and go buy those albums.

Tame Impala - Lonerism
The Shins - Such Great Heights
Other Lives - Tamer Animals

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