Five women, all choreographers, dancers, artists, with multiple citizenship or residing outside of their country of origin, between fifty and sixty two years of age and who have gained international recognition through their professional careers.

Today they live and work in different European countries: Mariko Aoyama (french-japanese) lives in Paris, Catherine Allard (Belgium) and Susan Kempster (australian-spanish) in Barcelona, Hilde Koch ( (spanish-german) in Alicante and Mónica Runde (spanish-german) in Madrid.

"They move and with each gesture they transport slices of life. The music carries them towards the encounter, each coming from their own particular training. Where do they come from? What is their language? But in truth they do not speak one language, they do not belong to a single place; they have sampled many delicacies; like coloured polyhedrons, perfumes and flowers. They turn and turn around their own lives, around inside their minds; they are fragile and strong, the stuff of stones, the color of waves, at once classical and contemporary.
They feel at home on the dance floor and there they grieve and laugh. They are lizards, turkeys, bulls, flies; they seek to discover their today and remember what they were and where they came from, developing their work with great creative artists such as Pina Baush, Maurice Bejart, William Forsythe, Mats Ek, Jiri Kylian or Nacho Duato, among others.
They are still searching, between suitcases they are faced with barriers, roadblocks, walls, some made of sand, others high, like school walls; to sooth themselves they embrace, they comb their hair and dress themselves, they protect themselves from the street, they protect their interiors from stray bullets. They live and die with each step… Over fifty years of experience; that elevates them, that they carry on their shoulders, that unites them.
They put on their makeup, they make themselves beautiful, they sculpt themselves and walk through tunnels, over bridges, across pavements, with fear and doubt, observing cultures, penetrating them. They laugh at themselves, amongst themselves, at what they see. They are generous women who write their lives today and offer them to us with delicate gestures, gestures that are charged, that are loaded, with love and pain."

Natalia Menéndez. May 2012

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